Antispam Policy

DataFinder adheres by the spam policy strictly and follows the following terms

  • We prevent our customers from sending emails without asking permission
  • We ensure that every email that goes out has a mandatory unsubscribe link. In case this link is taken off by any DataFinder user, that user's account will be terminated without giving any notice
  • We ensure that the unsubscribe link is an active one and does not include complicated procedure to follow
  • We send out an opt-in request email to every email record acquired and suggest every email database user of ours to do so to seek permission
  • We remove the opt-out records from our database within 10 business working days
  • We personalize the email communication send not only on the basis of the first names but also on the basis of personal interests and choice of content
  • We make sure every email that goes out has an authentic 'from' address
  • We include a physical, valid postal address in all out-going emails
  • We only use straight forward subject lines that clearly state the purpose of sending the email

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